Global Energy Dialogue research program in China focuses on 4 industries (oil, gas, electrical power, mining and metallurgy). Research products in each sector consist of maps, project leads directories, and industry reports.

Maps: The map series products provide readers satellite-based, 1:4000000 visual understanding of industry blueprint. The map is both a strategic analysis tool and a professional executive gift in the industry.

Project Leads Directories: Project leads directories help readers to improve their market planning model and to establish business contacts with key managements of the project investors; A couple of associated marketing services, including Develop New Buyers, Maintain Existing Clients, and Advertisement, are also available for you to build new business.

Reports and Survey: Report and survey formulates the industry outlook by combining latest industrial regulation, hundreds to thousands of critical projects (existing, constructing and planning) and these projects¡¯ key parameters such as a pipeline¡¯s length and a petrochemical plant¡¯s ethylene output capacity.